Long Time No See

It's been a long time since I wrote the previous entry to this blog, more than one year! It's hard to believe how much everything has changed in this relatively short period, from a relatively calm situation to absolute worldwide panic in only 12 months.

One of the outstanding things that I'm seeing these days is that it seems that we all expect things to happen very quickly: The EU launches a rescue plan and we are kinda' dissapointed the day after because the unemployment is still growing, the stock exchanges keep on falling, and so on... or the FED lowers the interest rate by 1 point and we dream that overnight everything will go back to normal... there are literally thousands of proposals to save this or that put on the table, but no positive effect is perceived: everything is falling apart around us.

So, I propose to the rulers that they should not only announce their ideas to save us (from what?, from them?) in terms of money, but they should also indicate a timeline: when should we expect some results? which results? Something measurable and trackable would be handy.

I know this reveals my technical background and also the "total-quality" mentality, but this all-qualitative way of doing things by the politicians is leading us to anxiety in the best case, or to depression in the worst. Not to mention the effect in the stock markets, where they buy rumours and sell news.

Am I the only one that is feeling cheated? There are some conspiracy theories around saying that this crisis is being created on-purpose by some evil organizations... difficult to believe, these guys would be real geniuses to execute a so-complete and effective plan. BUT, it is also difficult to believe that this is only a consequence of uncontrolled business operations, which fell off the scale in terms of risks, and plain felony. I mean, the people doing that will also lose all their wealth eventually, so it's kinda suicidal: 
What is the point of having a zillion dollar if the dollar is worth nothing???? The answer is "I converted it to Swiss Bonds, stupid", yeah, but they also have difficulties... or will have in a couple months.

OK, you buried the money somewhere in the Caribbean (a treasure chest?)... in gold... hmmm how are you gonna retrieve it? rowing? And after that, who is going to buy your gold? With what?

Anyway, let's hope this crisis is partially also an exaggeration from the media, so when they change their attention point to something else, this will calm down a little. This can be seen as stupid optimism, but bear with me, since nobody seems to be able to explain what's going on (and, more important, how to stop it), I prefer to be optimist and stupid, we'll have time to cry later on.

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